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Robocop Rogue City

Robocop Rogue City


Gunned down by a local drug-dealing gang, agent Alex Murphy get brought back to life by OCP thanks to a cybernetic transplant and becomes part-man part-machine, with a program to defend the Citizens.



Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is an American mega-corporation based in Detroit that created products for virtually every consumer need among its citizens.
It even has plans to replace Old Detroit by an entire city, called Delta City, to be maintained exclusively by the sprawling corporation.


_Anne Lewis

Police Officer Lewis, was the duo partner of Alex Murphy prior his death during a mission. Despite his new mechanical body, Anne Lewis remains convinced her former partner is still alive under his armour. She is a true friend of RoboCop and helps him during his missions.

Anne Lewis

_The New Guy in Town

Criminal mastermind, The New Guy in Town has recently arrived in Detroit with the ambition to become the city’s new crimelord.

The New Guy in Town

[ Prepare yourself to... ]

Protect the innocent and uphold the law

Become the legendary part man, part machine, all cop hero and dish out justice in Old Detroit.

_Uphold the law by any means necessary

With your powerful Auto-9 or one of the other 20 weapons available, eradicate criminals throughout this explosive first-person adventure. Your cyborg strength and cybernetic abilities can be upgraded as you progress, to make you an even more formidable law enforcement officer.

Uphold the law by any means necessary

_It's up to you to decide how to fulfil your prime directives

Explore open areas and complete your objectives according to your own sense of justice. Finding evidence, interrogating suspects and maintaining public order are just some of your daily tasks as a police officer. But don't take decisions lightly: your choices can determine the fate of citizens and the result of your mission.

ED 209

_An original story set in the world of robocop

The city of Old Detroit has been hit by a crime wave, with a new enemy threatening the peace and order. Your investigation leads you right into the heart of a shadowy conspiracy in an original story that takes place between RoboCop 2 and 3, with striking locations to explore and familiar faces to meet. Peter Weller, the original RoboCop actor, is even back on duty to voice the cybercop.

An original story set in the world of robocop


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